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Accommodation in Europe

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There are many options where to stay when you travel in Europe. Among backpackers the most common place to stay is a hostel, usually with many people in one room. You can book a hostel through www.hostelworld.com





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If you decide to have a bit more luxury try Agoda website to find discounted hotels. I have used it very often, and so far I have never had any problems and many hotels have promo prices.





There is also another option if you need a cheap but cosy room. Have you heard about Airbnb? Through this website private people arvertise rooms for rent in their own home. You can contact them directly and rent a room for as many days as you want.logo - airbnb


logo - airbnb banner During your holiday abroad you may want to rent out your own apartment or just a single room to earn some extra cash. Did you know that some people make $4000 in a single month just by renting out rooms in their home? If you want to know how to do it I recomend a book written by a very experienced person who claims to have earned $36,654 in 8 months just through renting out rooms.