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Polish alphabet consists of 32 letters. There are 23 letters from Latin aplhabet and 9 additional with diacritics.


  • kreska (line), which is graphically similar to an acute accent in letters ć, ń, ó, ś, ź

  • kropka (overdot) in the letter ż

  • ogonek (tail) in letters ą, ę

  • stroke in the letter ł
  • How to type Polish letters without a Polish keyboard?

    Here is a website where you can do it easily. There are buttons with Polish diacritics, so if you cannot type them on your keyboard just press the letter from the screen each time you need it.


    At that website there are also other languages such as Czech, Greek, Icelandic, Russian, or Swedish.


    How to switch your keyboard to the Polish keyboard?

    You can follow instructions at this website how to change your keyboard. The instruction is written for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 8. When you already get to the stage where you can choose the language of the keyboard choose Polish programmer NOT just Polish. If you choose Polish the coputer will swich the letters z and y. The only correct Polish keyboard is Polish programmer. It is exactly the same like American keyboard with the only difference that when you press right Alt and then the letter

    e, o, a, s, l, z, c or n you will receive

    ę, ó, ą, ś, ł, ż, ć

    In order to write the letter ź you need to press right alt + x.



    polish-alphabet-a polish-alphabet-a polish-alphabet-b polish-alphabet-c polish-alphabet-cc polish-alphabet-d polish-alphabet-e polish-alphabet-ee polish-alphabet-f

    polish-alphabet-g polish-alphabet-h polish-alphabet-i polish-alphabet-j polish-alphabet-k polish-alphabet-l polish-alphabet-l polish-alphabet-m polish-alphabet-n

    polish-alphabet-n polish-alphabet-o polish-alphabet-p polish-alphabet-r polish-alphabet-s polish-alphabet-s polish-alphabet-t polish-alphabet-u polish-alphabet-w


    polish-alphabet-y polish-alphabet-z polish-alphabet-z polish-alphabet-z


    In Polish language there are also digraphs which are pronounced as one sound


    polish-alphabet-ch polish-alphabet-cz polish-alphabet-dz polish-alphabet-dz polish-alphabet-dz polish-alphabet-rz polish-alphabet-sz

    The following letters are also pronounced together, but not as one sound, it is somewhere between one and two sounds


    letters that do not exist in the Polish alphabet





    They can be used in the words that come from other languages and foreign names.



    some letters have the same pronunciation like the others:





    They differ only in the spelling, because of historical reasons.