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How Polish trains look like?


Luckily in the recent years there are more and more new trains after endless years of horrible old trains that were probably bought after World War II from Russia I guess, because in Easter Europe all old rains look the same and even in Vietnam or Cambodia too and all these countries were strongly influenced by Russia in the past. Only in Europe the chairs and toilets are slightly better than in Vietnamese and Cambodian trains.



logo - frozen Polish train toilet



One of the passengers in a Polish train took this picture during winter. The toilet got frozen and covered with snow. Cool. Are you sure you want to travel in a Polish train during winter time?


OK honestly it doesn't look like this all the time. It was a cruel, cold and snowy winter and the window was open so such a strange thing happen. However most of the time the toilet is normal and possible to be used. This picture was even in newspapers in the UK. I guess nobody there has ever seen such a toilet. Polish people probably also have never seen it before.






Some pictures for you to learn how Polish trains look like


This is how Polish trains look like

And this is how the Polish railways

wish they looked like

logo - Polish train logo - Polish train
logo - Polish train logo - Polish train
logo - Polish train logo - Polish train
logo - Polish train logo - Polish train
logo - Polish train logo - Polish train
logo - Polish train logo - Polish train


OK seriously, this is a joke, don't think that Poland is a 3rd (or even 4th) world country. These pictures are really extrems. All of them are real photos of Polish trains. Some of them are good and others are old and ugly. However most of the trains are just average.


The picture with people getting to the train through the window it is really, really extreme. I think it happened during some national holidays when all possible people wanted to travel somewhere. There was no space for people to get to the train through the door so some crazy people decided to get inside through a window. And of course immediately somebody sent these photos to the internet.


The picture with people sleeping in the corridor it is also something extreme. It must have been also during national holidays. It happens sometimes because tickets are sold as long as people want to buy so sometimes there is not enough place for the people. But most of the time it will not happen. Also the red door covered with snow it is something that personally I have never see myself. I guess they were not closed properly and the snow was very heavy.


And the train with wooden chairs is a renovated German train from 1930 just to show to tourists how trains used to look like. For us this just the history but for example in Vietnam such wooden chairs are normal in the trains even nowdays.


Student train tickets in Poland


In Polish trains there are two main options to buy cheaper ticket:

If you are a pupil and less than 24 years old your ticket will be 37% cheaper.
If you are a university student and less than 26 years old you will pay 51% less.

There are also some reductions if you travel in a group or family tickets.
There are also weekend tickets.

All possible info about price reductions in Polish trains (excluding intercity). Information only in Polish


Honestly most people in Poland don't know exactly what kind of tickets and reductions there are. It changes all the time and there are so many rules. It is good to check at the train station. But for sure 37% and 51% exist. However you can buy such a reduced ticket only when you are a Polish citizen or you study in Poland and have a Polish student ID


logo - Polish student ID - legitymacjaPolish student ID - legitymacja studencka


All possible train reductions, official info (in Polish only)


If you cannot get any reduction in trains because you don't have a Polish student ID then at least you should know that when you use buses or trams in Polish cities and have an ISIC student ID no matter your age, you can buy a student ticket with 50% reduction. On a Polish student ID (legitymacja studencka) it says the reduction is only until 26 years of age, but at least in Wroclaw I was told by the city bus company, MPK, that a university students of any age can buy 50% cheaper tickets. I'm not sure about other cities.


Polish train timetable


Polish Intercity trains timetable and buy tickets online. There are also vending machines for Intercity tickets at train stations and also in big cities on some streets in the city centre.


Free WiFi at 60 train stations in Poland

In the following cities:
Bielsko Biała, Błonie, Chełm, Chorzów Batory, Częstochowa, Garwolin, Gdańsk Główny, Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, Gdynia, Grudziądz, Jelenia Góra, Katowice, Koluszki, Koło, Kostrzyn Wielkopolski, Koszalin, Kraków Główny, Krzyż Wielkopolski, Leszno, Łowicz, Łódź Widzew, Mińsk Mazowiecki, Nasielsk, Olsztyn, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poznań Główny Nowy, Pruszcz Gdański, Przeworsk, Radom, Rzepin, Siedlce, Sławno, Słupsk, Sochaczew, Stargard Szczeciński, Swarzędz, Szamotuły, Szczecin Dąbie, Tczew, Tłuszcz, Toruń Główny, Wałbrzych Miasto, Warka, Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Gdańska, Warszawa Ochota, Warszawa Powiśle, Warszawa Stadion, Warszawa Śródmieście, Warszawa Wileńska, Warszawa Wschodnia, Warszawa Zachodnia, Włocławek, Wołomin, Wrocław Główny, Wrocław Mikołajów, Września, Zawiercie, Zielona Góra, Żywiec.


Useful Polish train vocabulary:


When the ticket controller in the train comes he says usually:
bilety proszę - tickets please
bilety do kontroli - tickets for checking

If you have a student (37% or 51% price reduced) ticket he will immediatelly ask for your student ID. Then he says:
legitymacja - student ID


He expects to see a polish student ID. If you have a foreign ID or an ISEC card he will not accept it. Especially if you are a foreigner.Very often even for Polish students they always ask for the original student ID from the university to be sure that the ISIC ID is genuine. He will also check your age because you can buy reduced price tickets only when you are less than 26 years old.


The chance that the ticket controller will speak English is actually zero. So you should really nor expect that you will have a conversation with him, if there is any problem with your ticket or student ID. The same problem you will have when you buy a ticket. It is almost impossible that the ticket seller will speak English. If you are lucky she will know maybe separate words like ticket, student, train and usually it will be all. So avoid asking too many questions. Questions you should ask in a tourist information that is situated at train stations in big cities (not in small ones, impossible).


It is also important to mention that there are many different trains in Poland like Intercity (you can buy a ticket online) and different regional trains (you probably cannot buy online). For each train you need a different ticket so make sure you ask in the tourist information before you buy your ticket. It is no problem to buy the ticket 30 minutes before the train departure, tickets do not have seat numbers, so no matter when you buy the ticket it is always the same chance to get a seat or a standing place. However Intercity trains have seat numbers, at least most of the time.


When you buy the ticket at the train station you have to say at what time you want to travel, because at different times there are different trains and they have differet prices. Also another problem, sometimes at the train station there are less trains shown at the board than you can find in the internet. It happens because at the board there are only direct trains and at the Polish railway company's website, PKP, you can find non direct trains which can be either cheaper or more expensive and they will have different departure times. So it is good to check the Polish train timetable online before you go to the station.


There are also some small reductions when you buy more than one ticket at the same time, but you have to travel with this person together, because you will get only one ticket. So if you travel with a friend or friends buy one ticket together.