Basic Polish vocabulary with pronunciation and information about Poland
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Family Polish vocabulary

Family Polish vocabulary

rodzina = family
mama = mum/mummy
tato = dad
ciocia = auntie
wujek = uncle
babcia = grandma
dziadek = grandpa
kuzyn (m), kuzynka (f)= cousin
bliźnięta = twins
siostra = sister
brat = brother
mąż = husband
żona = wife
dziewczyna = girlfriend
chłopak = boyfriend


"A Polish Heart" by Stephanie Burkhart

Darrin Riverton, an architect from the United States is assigned to a challenging project which requires a trip to Poland. Sofia Buraczynski is assigned as his translator and his first sight of her heats his blood.


With Sofia as his guide, Darrin discovers Poland and many new things about himself, as well. When a chance is presented for him to remain in Poland, will he leave behind family and all that is familiar to follow his heart?



"Going Donuts for Pączki:

Easy and Delicious Family Recipes"

The book contains everything you need to skip the local bakery and create you own delicious pączki = Polish donuts.

Learn step-by-step to make delicious pączki. You will start by learning how to make the perfect dough and then move on to choose among a variety of scrumptions filling flavors.



"I Am Polish American (Our American Family)" by Samuel Kapowski and Ruth Turk

A Polish-American child talks about aspects of his Polish heritage, including foods, customs, and famous Poles.