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Polish links


Here is a list of links that may be useful for you to learn Polish


1. Probably the best Polish forum in the internet

2. Another Polish forum. You can also find there information about other languages

3. One more Polish forum

4. Polish news in English and Polish news in Polish

5. Why learn Polish

6. Make your computer speak Polish!!! Ivona Reader is the best program out there made by very talented Polish people. It is a text-to-speach program that will read any text in Polish. You can also record it as mp3. It has the best pronunciation among all such programs. It does not sound like a computer, Ivona Reader reads with a human voice. There are also other languages avaliable and more are probably comming soon.

7. online Polish language spelling checker

8. Polish-English dictionary online. It has pronunciation, but only in English(both American and British). And one more Polish-English dictionary.

9. Translation Companies including translation of Polish and other languages.

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