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Who and how can obtain a European health insurance card from Poland?


Every person who is eligible for health insurance from Poland is also eligible for a European health insurance card. It is a free card that will allow you to go to a doctor when you travel in European Union and you need to see a doctor. In order to obtain your EU travel insurance card you ... [read more about how to obtain a European health insurance card from Poland]



European health insurance card from Poland


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Easter tradition in Poland


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What Polish people do during Easter?



Easter in Poland is celebrated for one week from Palm Sunday to Wet Monday (śmigus dyngus). This period is marked with religious rites and practices. Holy Week lasts from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Palm Sunday, the week before Easter Sunday, is marked by church attendance with palm-leaf substitutes in the form of ... [read more about Easter in Poland]



Doughnut day - Tłusty Czwartek


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Polish trains and student tickets at reduced prices


Polish trains are not the best in the world but also not that bad. Each year more and more new trains are bought and the old ones are replaced or nicely renovated. The railways cover most parts of Poland so you can get wherever you want. Pupils who are less than 24 years old have 37% ticket price reduction and university students 51% ticket price reduction but ...[read more about Polish trains and student tickets]