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Polish idioms

The most difficult to learn in every language are idioms. It is good to learn few Polish idioms if you take learning Polish seriously.


nationality-related idioms in Polish

To dla mnie chińszczyzna. it is Greek to me. In Polish 'it is Chinese to me'.
Francuski piesek. meaning 'french puppy', it is used to describe someone who is very choosy/fastidious
Wyjść po angielsku. to leave a party without saying good-bye to anyone, take a French leave. In Polish 'leave in an English way'.
Jestem królem chińkim. To say that things that you hear or read are so impossible that you cannot believe and it is probably more possible that you are a Chinese King.
Czeski błąd. A typo.
Czeski film. A film where nobody knows what's going on.
Udawać Greka. To play the fool.
Pamiętać ruski coś miesiąc To remember something unpleasant for a long time.
Jak na tureckim kazaniu As at a Turkish sermon - something completely incomprehensible.
Wycyganić To extort, obtain through trickery
Oszwabić To trick, deceive
Iść przez Rzym na Krym. To walk somewhere taking the longest and the most complicated way.
Ruskie pierogi it is not an idiom, but for a foreigner it is also impossible to understand. This is just a dumpling with a feeling made from soft white cheese and mashed potatos. It means Russian dumplings.