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Polish slang and insults

Polish slang and insults. How to swear in Polish?


In recent years I have observed a very big increase of the use of slang words in Polish. Since Poland joined European Union many Polish people have moved to the UK and British people could hear "kurwa" everywhere. They started asking "Why do polish people say kurwa so much?". I also ask myself the same question. "Kurwa" is one of the most common swear words in Polish. It means whore or bitch, but it is usually used as a comma. I have seen people asking in Polish forums "Why do Polish people say kurwa at end of every sentence?" or "How many times per day does the average young Polish man say the word 'kurwa'?" It is so sad that foreigners search Google in order to find the answer to these questions. How often Polish people abroad use this word so that people, who don't speak Polish, got intrested so much to learn about it.


At one of the Polish forums I found a sentence that really shocked me. Somebody used the word "kurwa" to create all other similar words, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and all other possible words. This sentence is:


"Kurwa, wkurwiłem się, poszedłem się nakurwić, poznałem jakąś kurewsko pokurwioną kurwę, kurwiącą się z każdym pokurwieńcem. Muzyka nakurwiała, więc przykurwiłem conieco i poszedłem w kurwę."

Which means, at least I think it means "I was mad. I decided to drink something . I went to a club. I met a girl. She was dancing with some dudes. Music was playing so loud. I ordered some beer. I drunk it and I went out."

After I find such information then sometimes I feel ashamed to be Polish. My advise: Learn the meaning of this word, be able to understand when people say it, but never say it, don't say "kurwa" to insult people and avoid people who use it.

If you want to learn how to understand Polish slang, rude words, how to insult people in Polish, here are Polish insults and English translation.

kurwa = bitch, whore, used mostly as an interjection "fuck" in a sentence, and only sometimes to actually call a woman a whore, this is the most common word and you will hear it just everywhere around you when you travel in Poland, it is even more often used by Polish people who live in the UK, sometimes it seems that they really lack vocabulary, as they use this word after every few words, to express anger, impatience, to stress the sentence that they had just said, and maybe some other reasons. However the fact that it is so popular it does NOT mean it is polite to use this word. I would recomend to never use it, it provokes agression. Let others use it and you just listen, then it is easier for you to judge what the conversation is about :)
kurwa mać = the same as kurwa, but it is even stronger and more impolite to use it.
chuj, kutas, pisior, fiut = dick, cock (used to call a man "dickhead", many men while talking use this word to each other when they get angry
chuj ci w dupę = used to insult someone after quarelling, litteral meaning "let cock into your ass", but it is never used in this meaning, it is just to express anger
jaja = balls
cycki = tits
balony = tits (lit. baloons)
ruchać = to fuck
posuwać, peprzyć = to screw
dupa = arse, ass, can also mean "sexually attractive woman"
fajna dupa = nice ass, used to describe a sexy woman
ale dupa = what an ass, also used to describe a sexy woman
dziwka = slut
gówno = shit, also used to describe something very low quality. For example if you buy a cheap watch and it falls into pieces after one day you can say "Ale gówno" = What shit it is. But is is not polite. The word "gówno" can be also used if you are angry with someone and you don't want to say anything. For example somebody will ask you "Why are you angry, what happaned?" and you don't want to give any explanation then you can say "Gówno", but this is a really rude answer.
pierdol się! = fuck you! (however not that strong as English "fuck you"). To express more anger often the English word is actually used.
pierdolić = to talk bullshit , to fuck
cipa, pizda = cunt
czarnuch = negro
białas = ofay (an offensive term for a white person)
żółtek = gook (an affensive term for a yellow person)
żabojad = frog-eater (French person)
pojeb = asshole
spieprzaj = piss off
spierdalaj = fuck off
pojebany = fucked up
pierdolec = fucker
skurwysyn = son-of-a-bitch
kurczę = damn!
pedał = fag, homosexual
srać = to shit
idź do diabła! = go to Hell (lit. go to the Devil)
pocałuj mnie w dupę = kiss my ass
walić konia = to Jerk off (lit. to Whack the Horse)
robić laskę, robić loda = to do a blowjob (lit. to do a stick)
zbok = creep
debil, kretyn = idiot
zdejmij majtki = take your panties off
odwal się = get lost
mam to w dupie = I don't care about it (lit. I have it in my ass)
skurwiel = fucker