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SuperMemo Polish

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It is one of my favourite programs. The program appeared for the first time in 1985 and was developed by a polish man called Piotr Wozniak. The program teaches you by repeating with particular frequency. Super memo can be used to learn vocabulary in foreign languages, but also to learn different school subjects or your own chosen information. The program helps you to embed the information in your long-term memory.

Surermemo uses flash cards to teach. When you learn vocabulary first you look at the word and listen to the pronunciation, then the program shows you this word and other words that you plan to learn during your lesson. You try to recall the meaning of the word and give yourself a mark 0-5 depending how quickly you recall the word. The program has a very advanced algorithm that calculated in how many days you should see this word again. The best is to open the program every day. Then learning will be the most effective. Supermemo is based on scientific research that describes how often people should repeat vocabulary or any other information that you want to learn. Then the brain will remember it and place it in the long-term memory.

The program SuperMemo 98 is a freeware, but for all newer versions you have to pay. The program itself is empty and you can write there your own information that you want to learn. It is great for people who learn different subjects at school. You can also build your own vocabulary list, from words that you have learned at the language course. The program will arrange for you how often do you have to repeat the vocabulary. An interesting option is that you can export your own word lists and submit it to the website, for others to use. You can also download lists made by other people.


SuperMemo however is not only an empty program. There are endless amounts of programs based on SuperMemo. The programs are very popular in Poland. At the beginning the program was used to teach vocabulary in different languages, but now they sell SuperMemo to teach Physics, chemistry, mathematics, history and much more.


More information how SuperMemo works you can find on the official website www.supermemo.com


I recommend you also to read an very interesting article about the memory Forget about forgetting at SuperMemo website.


One more link with information about SuperMemo at Wiki SuperMemo.


Polski Bez problemu!+ Elementary Level A1-A2 (Book & CD-ROM)
Polski Bez problemu!+ Intermediate Level B1 (Book & CD-ROM)
Both courses based on Supermemo to learn Polish quickly and effectively. Forget about forgetting!


Supermemo Polish learning software can be downloaded at this site. You can also learn online.


Programs avaliable at this website are:

  • Polski. Bez problemu! + elementary
  • Polski. Bez problemu! + intermediate

  • Polski. Bez problemu! - elementary (textbook + MP3)
  • Polski. Bez problemu! - intermediate (textbook + MP3)

  • Polish Phrase Book


Do you need SuperMemo for your iPhone. Here it is SuperMemo Polish. Bez problemu!