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Polish language software and books

Polish language becomes more and more popular to learn and many books and computer programs become avaliable. Polish language software will certainly help those who do not have a possibility to attend Polish classes. Here I present a list of programs that will help you to learn Polish vocabulary and pronunciation. Each program has different teaching methods. Super memo concentrates on vocabulary, Byki is also good to learn vocabulary and hear the pronunciation, Roseta Stone claims to teach you a foreign language the same way you learned your mother tongue and Pimsleur is one of my favourites. You learn just by listening. No book reading, no grammar and no learning by heart. Just relax and listen.



So here is a list of programs to help you learning Polish language with description how you can use them in your studies:

Super memo


Roseta Stone

Pimsleur (comming soon)




Here is a review of few books to learn Polish language to make your choice easier. All pictures of book covers are linked to Amazon website where you can buy them.


Books to learn Polish

Assimil Polish


This is a very good book with CDs. The method used in this book is one of the best. Learn Polish the way you learned your own language. Assimil Polish is divided to many lessons where text is divided to sentences. Every sentence is translated. Just a little grammar explanation, that is directly related to the problem you may encounter in the given sentence. Therefore there is no boring grammar. On one page you read Polish sentences and on the other page you can check the translation. Parallel translation sentence by sentence. No vocabulary lists, no grammar, no guessing. Learn whole sentences. You wil not ask what grammar rule is used here or there. You will just feel that it is correct to say it this way. Every sentence in the book is recorded by Polish native speakers.


Assimil is a French company and first of all they make their language courses for French speakers, but recently they started translating many books into English, German or Dutch. However the one to learn Polish does not have the English translation. By clicking on the picture of this book you will be taken to the French version. There is also one with German translation. I have also seen sb using Dutch Assimil to learn Polish. I wonder why there is nothing in English. Well if you don't mind French or Greman translation, then I think this is really one of the best books I could recommend. I have used Assimil to learn Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese.


1. Basic Polish: A Grammar and Workbook (Grammar Workbooks)
2. Intermediate Polish: A Grammar and Workbook (Grammar Workbooks)
3. Polish: An Essential Grammar (Essential Grammars)

by Dana Bielec


A collection of 3 books to learn Polish grammar. Basic and intermediate grammar book and general grammar.

Polish phrase book by Berlitz


A book and optional CD with Polish phrases










Hippocrene Beginner's Polish (Book & 2 Audio CDs) - Ewa Wanasz Bialasiewicz


also Kindle edition avaliable


The text, ideal for both individual and classroom use, teaches the basics of Polish grammar and vocabulary in 10 easy-to-follow lessons. The audio CDs complement the dialogue and vocabulary sections of the lesson. The lessons are developed around such topics with such titles as "Going Through Customs", "Checking into a Hotel", and "Extending and Accepting an Invitation". The book also includes an introduction to Poland and Polish culture.



301 Polish Verbs (Barron's) - Klara Janecki


This book is a must if you are serious about learning Polish. The conjugation of verbs is probably one of the most difficult things in the Polish grammar, but here comes help. This book features the most commonly used Polish verbs which are listed alphabetically, one verb per page, and fully conjugated in a table format. There is also English-Polish and Polish-English verb indexes listing nearly 2300 verbs, and common Polish idioms using verbs. The book also features puzzles, Polish proverbs, self-tests, and other aids designed to improve students' familiarity with and usage of Polish verbs.



Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners - Bolesaw W. Mazur


book and CD


Colloquial Polish is written by an experienced teacher for self-study or class use, the course offers you a step-by-step approach to written and spoken Polish. No prior knowledge of the language is required.






Teach Yourself Polish Complete Course (Book + 2CDs) - Nigel Gotteri, Joanna Michalak-Gray


With Teach Yourself Polish Complete Course, you can learn this language from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. It introduces you to practical themes, such as making travel arrangements, meeting someone new, shopping, and other every day activities.


The two audio CDs feature native speakers so you can hear how everyday people speak Polish.






This collection of books is not related to the Polish language, but they may be useful if you plan to learn a new language. They describe how to use your brain, how to learn, remember, associate different words together to learn a new language quicker. It is important to know how your brain works and what kind of exercices you can use to improve your memory.



Books that will teach you how to use the most of your brain

Memory: The Key to Consciousness (Science Essentials) - Richard F. Thompson, Stephen A. Madigan


Memory is perhaps the most extraordinary phenomenon in the natural world. Every person's brain holds millions of bits of information in long-term storage. This vast memory store includes our extensive vocabulary and knowledge of language.


Memory is a primer of our current scientific understanding of the mechanics of memory and learning. Over the past two decades, memory research has accelerated and we have seen an explosion of new knowledge about the brain. For example, there now exists a wide-ranging and successful applied science devoted exclusively to the study of memory that has yielded better procedures for eliciting valid recollections in legal settings and improved the diagnosis and treatment of memory disorders.

Memletics Accelerated Learning Manual: Discover the High Performance Learning System That Improves Your Memory and Helps You Learn Faster - Advanogy Publishing


Based on the educational, human performance and medical research, Memletics combines much of what we know about accelerated learning into an easy to-understand system. It's a practical guide to help you learn faster and increase your memory performance. This book will teach you how to improve your learning and memory in school, work, recreation or sports.